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Happy Skirt Sports Day!!

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Woo hoo!! I am so honored to be selected to be a Skirt Sports Ambassador Captain for year number 3!! I love everything about this company and the community of women that I have grown to love and admire. From the beginning Nicole DeBoom launched a company that not only had pretty, functional clothes, but created a brand that embraced ALL WOMEN with all body types and athletic abilities.

Shorty Runs

When I wear my Skirts to run, I feel pretty and strong. I believe a flirty skirt does help you to run faster!! But I don’t wear Skirt Sports just for running. You can also find me in Skirt in the gym, on the trail, on my yoga mat, around town, and even at work!! Yes- even at work!! (You have to check out the Happy Girl skirt!!!) 

Now if only Skirt Sports made a powerlifting singlet… sigh.



Use my discount code 363Hare for 15% off!! www.skirtsports.com 

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Gym Girl Ultra!
Gym Girl Ultra climbing a cliff!
We all wore Skirt Sports safari print for NET Cancer Awareness to honor my friend’s mother. 

Shorty Runs, Lifts, and Sparkles

Hey friends!

This site is currently under construction as I try to recover my old content (eeeek!!). However I am so excited about 2018 and the changes that I am making in my life. I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you all!

If you have followed me for a while you may have noticed that I have not posted in forever. 2017 brought some events that rocked my world and will change it forever. In August I had a bad flare up of endometriosis which resulted in a total abdominal hysterectomy. This put a kibosh on any lifting or running that I was doing. I had to cancel both powerlifting meets that I was training for as well as drop out of yoga teacher training.

While I was undergoing and recovering from surgery, my worst nightmare happened. My sweet mom grew very ill. On my birthday she came down with what we thought was the stomach flu. Only she never got better. On September 11 she was hospitalized. A week later she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that had metastasized into her liver and brain. My world as I knew it was irrevocably changed at that moment.

Even though it was a devastating blow, I knew that God had a plan for me. It was no coincidence that I was already out on FMLA to recover from my surgery so I was able to spend a lot of time with my mom during her final weeks. My family loved her through the illness and she passed away on October 21, 2017.

I miss my mom every single day. I am grateful, however, for the precious moments that I got to spend with her in the hospital and once she came home with Hospice. One of these days I will blog about the experience of being a caretaker and loving someone through a terminal illness. I will tell you that I learned that I was so much stronger than I had ever given myself credit for.

2018 is dedicated to my mom. I really want to live my life so that she and my dad will be proud of me. Beyond my fitness goals, I am striving to be a better person. In order to do that I am working on building a solid foundation- health, spiritual, financial, and relationships. My blog will focus on my efforts and (mis)adventures to be the best me I can be. It will be funny, sad, informative, and hopefully relate-able. I’ll blog about yoga teacher training, lifting, running, and my crazy but wonderful life.

I hope you stick around for the ride. 2018 will be an adventure!!

Much love,





goals, powerlifting, yoga

2018 Goals: To Infinity and Beyond

2018 Goals

  • Complete 200 hour yoga teacher training
  • Run a marathon in July (in South Carolina)- set a new PR
  • Compete in 2 powerlifting competitions- set new PRs
  • Grow my blog http://www.shortyruns.com


  • Yoga/meditation every day
  • Actually stick to and follow my training schedules for powerlifting and running
  • Get to a healthy weight
  • Save money by using Dave Ramsey’s envelope system
  • Spend more time crafting and building my business
  • Read the Bible in 365 days


Build a solid foundation – spiritual, health, financial, and relationships. Live life to the fullest!!